The Perennial Film Festival Question: “What do you do?” Passion Baby Passion

Toronto International Film Festival 2014 - Ontario Media Development Corporation Party

Toronto International Film Festival 2014 – Ontario Media Development Corporation Party

I had a friend who hated that question. Their answer was “What do I do about what?” which was a reaction to actually being unemployed but this is not what I am addressing. :) . Rather the very much employable busy person is who I’m referring to often affecting creatives. The conundrum of invention and creativity is an inherent state of flux and movement embedded deep inside the brain and is the essence of people who have vision and ideas. The perennial question “What do you do”” asked at film festivals and large professional gatherings or parties is ironically a difficult question for many. Imagine something no one else can, you are a maverick way before your time in a world where everyone needs and strives for the 20 second sound byte elevator transporter pitch. The film world is evolving, lines are  blurred. Institutions Industy and empires are falling and only the survival of the fittest and most adaptable persons can make a real go at this new frontier. Rather than being humble, stand up toot your horn. Maybe F\forget your business card all together! iPhones take care of that. Downsizing/streamlining is key to focus but jack of all trades is your rubber dingy in an ocean of economic upheaval and archaic business models gasping for their last breath.

It is normal to size you up to move forward or to get another cocktail as an excuse to “lose’ the ephemeral acquaintance. So what do I do? I produce and direct films. I produce films for other directors. I get involved in business opportunities often in the web media sphere and I am a film festival director of ANIMAZE – Montreal International FIlm Festival. Stay tooned

In the ever declining business model where roles and departments are clearly defined  a very easy answer neatly presented on a business card or in a few short sentences can be complicated. How does one answer “what do you do” when you have  a first career, a diploma which indicates nothing about your new self 30 years later  with a brand new skill set? I believe internet and web A.D.D. Media  (attention deficit disorder lack of focus fast fast) What about  the 4th incarnation with several followups which seem to increase with every seven year cycle? And yet indeed you get things done and in a big way. Nothing lasts forever baby – not even a “job”. It’s Passion.

From Music to Images – Music Film and Johnny Depp, Ryan Larkin & Me – Visual Minstrels

Once a creative always a creative. Art for art sake may be more like art for creative process sake. The excitement and joy I personally feel when in zen like creative mode – the creation  and expression of ideas, connecting dots filling in gaps and then matching thoughts and neuron flashes  into words, images, sound. THE BUZZ. I started off in music and sense that my not too bad sense of rhythm has helped me in my reinvented producer self…you do know the story by now don’t you? 

Many artists are known for one talent but often reveal another or secretly practice a hidden passion. Be it through fate or intention – my hunch is that JD’s real love is music. Though highly successful now, Depp’s early life, strangely, was as a rebel, and he took to vandalism and narcotics. He dropped out of school when he was 15, and he fronted a series of music-garage bands, including one named The Kids. 


Myself in CHIWAWA

Johnny Depp in his Band…


As a teen, he and his punk rock/New Wave band “The Kids” opened for Iggy PopDuran Duran, and The B-52’s, among others. Ryan+PreciousHowever, it was when he married Lori Anne Allison (Lori A. Depp) that he took up the job of being a ballpoint-pen salesman to support himself and his wife. A visit to Los Angeles, California, with his wife, however, happened to be a blessing in disguise, when he met up with actor Nicolas Cage, who advised him to turn to acting, which culminated in Depp’s film debut in the low-budget horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), where he played a teenager who falls prey to dream-stalking demon Freddy Krueger. Three years later, Depp achieved fame as police cop Tom Hanson in the series 21 Jump Street (1987) (1987-90), and in 1990, he was firmly established as a leading Hollywood actor with theTim Burton movie Edward Scissorhands (1990), where he played a sad-faced, tragic hero who has scissors for hands.

who is Ryan Larkin who is Johnny Depp? The animator as his drummer self circa drug haze 197x Montreal Canada.

Johnny was first and foremost a musician. I can see him playing a character in a movie, a person I had a close connection to – Ryan Larkin an Oscar nominated animator (subject of Ryan Oscar 2005). But then Ryan got bad with the streets and the drugs. Ryan was also a drummer. While I was working with him we used to jam late nights in my recording studio conveniently located on the top floor of my house. 

Always reinvent yourself.

One perfect example of such is well…myself for who I can speak first hand…But I digress…let’s talk about Johnny Depp.

with reference: IMDb

I’ve been so unbelievably BUSY making movies…and Animaze…

I forgot to write about my Musivision life so busy – GOOD – so in the meantime here is some of the news..
I am now officially the director of ANIMAZE – Montreal International Animation FIlm Festival presented by Teletoon. Official announcements dates and programming for both industry and public events will be announced via a BRAND NEW website…
I Spy My Father my animated documentary film in development has recently returned from Co-Pro 16 attended among the who’s who of European and North American broadcast film commissioners. ARTE, BBC, PBS, CHANNEL ONE, CHANNEL 8, CBC. Thank you to SODEC for their ONGOING support.

Having a great tim ewith Bill Plympton animator on the boat Le Cynge…more videos and such to come...

Having a great tim ewith Bill Plympton animator on the boat Le Cynge…more videos and such to come…

High Flight with Gerald Potterton back in Action!UK here we come! Hold on to your hats the engines are roaring.

Cannes was great. Co-Pro was great. Annecy Animation Film Festival was FAB – the greatest? No such thing!

all in the last May June…now at FANTASIA…reports to follow!

at FLIFF at CAnnes 2014 I love this guy! he's REAL. He's HONEST. He's CRAZY ,Founder of Festival du Nouveau Cinema

at FLIFF at CAnnes 2014 I love this guy! he’s REAL. He’s HONEST.
He’s CRAZY ,Founder of Festival du Nouveau Cinema

Claude Chamberlan and myself at FLIFF at Cannes 2014 Founder of Festival du Nouveau Cinema = FLIFF – Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival :)

Film Commissioner of Montreal at Cannes 2014 Film Commissioner of Quebec Hans Fraikin and myself at Cannes 2014[/caption]
Clouds over Annecy 2014 closing night party June 16

Musivision Film Goes to Cannes Film Festival 2014 and Annecy Animation 2014

Meet Musivision Films at Cannes and Annecy  Film Festival

We can raise awareness to your project or film to Cannes! Only three more weeks but there is still time to put a plan together. Contact us for all your festival publicity and PR needs. We can organize a private party or a 5-7 cocktail on the beach to delivering full blown coverage to your media outlet.
In partnership with expertise at film festival strategy and communications we can increase your festival strategy. For YOUR impeccable CANNES, ANNECY and ALL your film festival publicity campaign- Cannes is a few weeks away so hurry – Contact us now

Update from around the globe


It’s been a year since I began an extensive “road trip” flying to many strange and not so strange places working on Musivision’s current film slate. I Spy My Father is in development and close to closing a deal or two. A major sales agent is very interested. It’s been a while since any news has been announced but a true investigation which this film has become, cannot be rushed nor be forced to hurry up.

The story of my father Leslie Gordon who was a key witness in the Eichmann Trial and whom I suspect was a spy during the Congo Crisis 1961 is gathering momentum taking twists and turns could never have imagined. Chatter indicates that this is not the workings of my colourful imagination.

Synchronistic meetings in Thessaloniki, Jakarta, Berlin and just about any city I have set foot in, in compressed time, indicates that life is indeed stranger than fiction.

Taking big steps making broad strokes can encompass and change one’s life and films. Sometimes forever. Creativity is part of living and to live is to create. Have a nice inventive day yourself Set of Eyes and stay tuned.IMG_1974

What’s cooking before our trip to Cannes

Lots cooking on the MusiVision HQ’s. Now forging ahead with more shorts, documentary and feature films.

I Spy My Father - a theatrical documentary spy thriller – when the truth is bigger than fiction and the future comes back to taunt you. In co-prodcution with Emotion Film Factory. More announcements shortly…