Musivision Film Goes to Cannes Film Festival 2014 and Annecy Animation 2014

Meet Musivision Films at Cannes and Annecy  Film Festival

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Update from around the globe


It’s been a year since I began an extensive “road trip” flying to many strange and not so strange places working on Musivision’s current film slate. I Spy My Father is in development and close to closing a deal or two. A major sales agent is very interested. It’s been a while since any news has been announced but a true investigation which this film has become, cannot be rushed nor be forced to hurry up.

The story of my father Leslie Gordon who was a key witness in the Eichmann Trial and whom I suspect was a spy during the Congo Crisis 1961 is gathering momentum taking twists and turns could never have imagined. Chatter indicates that this is not the workings of my colourful imagination.

Synchronistic meetings in Thessaloniki, Jakarta, Berlin and just about any city I have set foot in, in compressed time, indicates that life is indeed stranger than fiction.

Taking big steps making broad strokes can encompass and change one’s life and films. Sometimes forever. Creativity is part of living and to live is to create. Have a nice inventive day yourself Set of Eyes and stay tuned.IMG_1974

What’s cooking before our trip to Cannes

Lots cooking on the MusiVision HQ’s. Now forging ahead with more shorts, documentary and feature films.

I Spy My Father - a theatrical documentary spy thriller – when the truth is bigger than fiction and the future comes back to taunt you. In co-prodcution with Emotion Film Factory. More announcements shortly…


La Renaissance de Ryan disponible pour le marché français et les territoires francophones

Tele-documentaire 48 minutes. Narration et sous titres en français.  Disponible pour le marche francophone mondial. Une belle projection couplée avec “Un Peu de Monnaie SVP “(version anglaise “Spare Change”) -animation 7 minutes -  Contactez nous pour plus d’info.