What are we up to lately? Post Hot Docs and other tribulations

Let us begin where we left off, I spent much longer than I though I would at Hot Docs- genre-centric film festival – I dare say  “more academic” and not just because the industry events take place on a university campus. Filmmakers and their intellectual pursuits, and the not so much, interested in saving, changing or exposing the world are also to blame.

Films are screened at various downtown venues including the supersize me TIFF Lightbox. Hot Docs is well organized and the festival admin folk are on the ball. Thanks Gabor and Sarafina.

Some familiar faces from Berlin.

Amazing this cycle of festival tramps.

What really peeves me: darting eyes when you’re talking to someone and they’re looking over you’re left shoulder to see if a “better opportunity” is available. Off putting to say the least, this fluctuating eye movement and body language are not forgotten. I guess this is more about aspiring director producers. Broadcasters and distributors are less guilty of this – while the producer and directors are trying harder than they should. This ain’t feeding the hungry. Just sometimes. Tip of the day: One never knows when the bottom becomes the top.

Little pricks. ; )

Yes of course we’re all here to get ahead but being real is part of the deal. After all , who wants to do business with someone who really isn’t that into you – ya know.

I include myself in this lump sum. Anyway , the gist of the whole darn thing is that the business of documentaries is alive and kicking according to Hot Docs 2011.

Footnote: A strange panel of “game show” style vignettes (in my opinion the worst of”) was on macabre display at a certain Canadian broadcaster panel, intended to inspire documentary film makers. That was awfully strange, jaw dropping in fact. This closes the latest.

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