The Perennial Film Festival Question: “What do you do?” Passion Baby Passion

Toronto International Film Festival 2014 - Ontario Media Development Corporation Party
Toronto International Film Festival 2014 – Ontario Media Development Corporation Party

I had a friend who hated that question. Their answer was “What do I do about what?” which was a reaction to actually being unemployed but this is not what I am addressing. 🙂 . Rather the very much employable busy person is who I’m referring to often affecting creatives. The conundrum of invention and creativity is an inherent state of flux and movement embedded deep inside the brain and is the essence of people who have vision and ideas. The perennial question “What do you do”” asked at film festivals and large professional gatherings or parties is ironically a difficult question for many. Imagine something no one else can, you are a maverick way before your time in a world where everyone needs and strives for the 20 second sound byte elevator transporter pitch. The film world is evolving, lines are  blurred. Institutions Industy and empires are falling and only the survival of the fittest and most adaptable persons can make a real go at this new frontier. Rather than being humble, stand up toot your horn. Maybe F\forget your business card all together! iPhones take care of that. Downsizing/streamlining is key to focus but jack of all trades is your rubber dingy in an ocean of economic upheaval and archaic business models gasping for their last breath.

It is normal to size you up to move forward or to get another cocktail as an excuse to “lose’ the ephemeral acquaintance. So what do I do? I produce and direct films. I produce films for other directors. I get involved in business opportunities often in the web media sphere and I am a film festival director of ANIMAZE – Montreal International FIlm Festival. Stay tooned

In the ever declining business model where roles and departments are clearly defined  a very easy answer neatly presented on a business card or in a few short sentences can be complicated. How does one answer “what do you do” when you have  a first career, a diploma which indicates nothing about your new self 30 years later  with a brand new skill set? I believe internet and web A.D.D. Media  (attention deficit disorder lack of focus fast fast) What about  the 4th incarnation with several followups which seem to increase with every seven year cycle? And yet indeed you get things done and in a big way. Nothing lasts forever baby – not even a “job”. It’s Passion.

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