I Spy My Father – Feature live action

Laurie Gordon never knew her father who died when she was 14 months old. Her only“memories” of him come from photographs, his testimony at the Eichmann trial , tales of his trip to the Congo after Lumumba’s assassination, and Google. Growing up, she thought of her father as a free-spirited adventurer until she discovered clues leading her to suspect he was a spy.

Delivery : 2017
Director(s) : Laurie GORDON
Producer(s) : Musivision Films

I Spy poster A


Years of research result into the discovery of never seen before archival footage and classified documentation. Live action combined with animation and archives. Base on years of research and rare archives I Spy My Father digs deep into the Congo circa 1961, Patrice Lumumba, The Eichmann Trial, The CIA, The UN and a grand imagination.IMG_1974

UN 1956

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