Ryan’s Renaissance continues- Ryan Larkin’s New Space

An early MTV station ID
Image via Wikipedia

This space is the new virtual home of Ryan Larkin what used to be located at http://www.Ryanbango.com -will be redirected shortly.

I have a lots of unseen footage of Ryan of the last few years of his life. His original bumpers (channel IDs – short animation between shows) he designed and created for MTV. The bumpers  haven’t been seen since 2007.

Of course there’s Spare Change, Ryan’s final animation film. It’s amazing how people still don’t know he made a film after Ryan – the film, came out. I also wonder if it’s “more fun” to remember Ryan as a drunk loser on the streets but indeed he conquered and returned to his art…but people stop at the Ryan film. And as great as that film was indeed, is not the end of Ryan’s story. Help us change his legacy. Spread the word. Watch Spare Change on your local TV station or on line for free!  Or order it here online. (links to follow shortly to be made available with Ryan’s Renaissance.)

t-shirt design, Ryan Larkin, Spare Change
T-shirt design for Spare Change Ryan Larkin's animation film 2008

I also have hours of incredible video of Ryan in the last few years of his life. Certainly enough for another film. Sometimes it’s tempting to put it online and see what happens. Almost like an e-book with accompanying stories and anecdotes, artwork and writings. This webpage is a work in progress so we’ll see what happens next.

Ryan Larkin T-shirt design for the band Chiwawa

Would you be interested in original t-shirts? This was what Ryan intended here. Also front side.

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