Ryan’s Renaissance

Ryan's Renaissance Poster Ryan’s Renaissance Documentary. 48 mins. Completed. 2011.  Nicola Zavaglia,Laurie Gordon

Ryan’s Renaissance chronicles an improbable human journey, friendship, and what transpires after Oscar nominated Ryan Larkin (Walking) becomes the world’s most famous panhandler after the film “Ryan” wins an Academy Award. It begins when Ryan, still living at a homeless shelter and Laurie Gordon, a Montreal musician asks Ryan to “draw a few pictures” for her band’s video which  serendipitously becomes Spare Change, Ryan’s first animation film in 35 years.  We follow this  quirky duo’s utopian attempt to get their film off the ground. Ryan’s generous unconcern for the  camera eye allows us to witness unbearable moments of human pain, hilarious events, and  gripping insight into creativity, vision, and a yearning for a place to call home.

Airs in Canada on Bravo-CTV Television. Please check your local listing.

New networks will be added for upcoming international air dates. 

Sales and distribution:

info [at] musivision [dot] ca

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