Kickstarter campaign LIVE! Until November 7 documentary on Gerald Potterton


One week left to go of our Kickstarter campaign The Flying Animator to raise financing for a feature length documentary film on Gerald Potterton. His dry British humour, life on a 200 acre farm in the eastern townships, Gerald can tell us about what it was like to work with Buster Keaton and animating the Beatles Yellow Submarine.

Learn about the never released film with a sound track written by Ringo Starr Scouse the Mouse
an animation film conceived by Gerald based on a story written by British actor Donald Pleasance. A film that nearly made it.static1.squarespacescouse-the-mouse-ringo-starr-beatles-adam-faith-nm-uk-lp-insert_2750987

Potterton has influenced a generation of animators even the creators of South Park Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The result was an entire South Park episode. A parody of Major Boobage ultimately the highest honour to Potterton’s cult classic animated feature Heavy Metal.


buster & gerry railrodder 1964
Let’s get together and go on a tour of SOHO London sharing his fantastic voyage through animation history from Disney, Chuck Jones, Norman McLaren or Richard Williams, Hanna Barbera to Disney.
Meet Gerry Potterton.

Laurie Gordon film director & Gerald Potterton at airshow

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