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Musivision bring you the best teams for your feature, documentary, commercial, animation corporate or industrial production for all platforms from the big screen to mobile and digital platforms.

With over 60 international co-production treaties  approved by TELEFILM Canada and Quebec offer the best creators and technicians whose reputation is recognized worldwide, all ready to contribute to your project’s success and a production volume of $500M*
*In Quebec, the tax credit is based on all expenditures and the producer is not required to release the film in Québec. … At the federal level, you get an additional tax incentive of 16%, net of any assistance, of eligible labour expenditures within Canada (CISP). YOUR TOTAL EFFECTIVE TAX CREDIT COULD REACH UP TO 38.4%.

We facilatate  to you all the best that Montreal has to offer. A great tax credit incentive program for international co-productions to production services and a very experienced production crews. Montreal has a lot to offer in terms of animation gaming, cross media from screen to mobile applications.


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